The use of information technologies to support organizational memory and assist in intelligence analysis and decision making has been examined by several authors (e.g., Stein and Zwass, 1995; Conklin, 1996; Huyhn et al. 1995; Chen et al. 1992; Ackerman, 1994; Walsh and Ungson, 1991; Huber, 1990). Information systems can turn informal knowledge and stored information (i.e., organizational memory) from media rich systems into actionable organizational knowledge (e.g. Conklin, 1996; Shum, 1997). Such systems make extensive use of organizational knowledge to effect shared understanding and learning by capturing and leveraging valuable information and making it widely available for use throughout the organization. The purpose of this study is to investigate the use of organizational memory systems in learning organizations. A conceptual model will be developed to provide managers with guidelines for developing and supporting organizational memory systems. In addition, the study will attempt to provide justification for investment in information technologies to support organizational memory.