The objective of this study is to find out how IS qualities are established in organizations and what these established qualities are. Information systems (IS) qualities have been frequently addressed in literature, but there are very few reports about how organizations are actually going about implementing them. The need for a multiple view of IS quality has been emphasized in literature but there are very few reports on how this has been achieved in practice. We have identified three main phases in the development process where we can examine how quality has been addressed. These phases are the initialization phase (ISP), the development phase (software development), and the use phase. There is very little discussion on how quality has been addressed at the initialization phase in literature. Therefore this work hopes to find issues for further research in the ISP area. The research method in this study is exploratory case study. The process of IS quality development will be examined in three to four case organizations. Such case companies should be ones that have invested in IS quality. The result of this research will contribute toward a deeper understanding of how to achive total IS quality in practice.