Information technology has become a strategic resource in many organizations. As a result, the management of IT has dramatically increased in importance. IT is also changing at a rapid rate. This change is increasing the complexity of the challenges facing IT managers. Previous research has hypothesized that IT managers experience problems due to change in IT. The results from that research were used for a nationwide survey of 1,000 IT organizations. Two hundred forty-six respondents provided data to confirm the existence and refine the definitions of problems that IT managers experience due to changing IT. Nine problem categories emerged. They were New Integration, Support Burden, Training Demands, Resistance, Acquisition Dilemma, Errors, Vendor Oversell, Cascading Needs, and Vendor Neglect. These findings provide a better understanding of the problems caused by changing IT and a stronger basis for future research on them. They also provide IT managers with a checklist of potential problems when faced with such change.