Because today's commerce is information intensive and requires sophisticated computer support, it is difficult for the traditional corporations working individually to adapt the new environment to utilize information and build multinational teams effectively and efficiently. The need for global competitiveness makes multinational corporation (MNC) shift to a new team style: virtual teams, which are groups of individuals collaborating in the execution of a specific project while located at multiple individual sites or multiple group sites [1]. The environment of a virtual team is a cyberspace in which virtual project groups communicate mutually. In this paper, we focus on the functionality and structure of this highly abstract system. The groupware available for the teamwork collaboration is briefly introduced. A web-based teamwork environment served for MNC is thenpresented. We present a conical management architecture combined with a network topology: a peers and client/server mode instead of the traditional client/server and pure peers mode. It provides an orderly teamwork environment to replace the crowed and chaos-like teamwork space used currently. A design and implementation of the framework is finally described based on Sun Microsystems' Java language