IS Organizations are increasingly focusing on managing the interface between themselves and their clients within organizations to improve not only the level of customer service but also the utilization of firm investments in hardware and software. Several organizations have recently created full-time specialized positions, often termed 'Relationship Manager' to manage the relationship between IS and Line groups. This paper presents the results of an exploratory study to understand the role of the 'Relationship Manager'(RM) and how people in these positions deliver value to IS and Line groups in the organization. Our findings are that the role of the RMs is complex, requiring a focus on the coordination of activities across the IS-Line interface in the short run while marshaling organizational energy towards initiatives that position the firm favorably in the medium and long term. Combining an intimate knowledge of the organization with expertise in IT, the RMs utilize their influential positions in the informal network within the firm to create and capitalize on opportunities to champion innovation and enable change.