How businesses evolve and the technology available to them has changed in response to changing competitive environments. Organizations compete in global markets and must maintain international communication and operations. "In the 1990's, continued globalization and increasingly competitive markets will call for rapid responses and innovative thinking. In this turbulent environment, information technology will leverage time and human resources."(The Landmark MIT Study: Management in the 1990's). While technology is available to link organizations around the world, the traditional development models and techniques for such systems are outmoded. Current systems analysis and design techniques needto be improved. According to a survey of senior information systems executives, improving the systems-development process is ranked sixth in the top issues facing North America and Europe. Improving information-services personnel is ranked ninth in North America and eighth in Europe (Sager, 1994). The purpose of this paper is to present a workflow approach of information systems development (WFSAD: Workflow Systems Analysis and Design) that incorporates an emphasis on analyzing business processes to improve processing time and focuses on developing integrated systems throughout and beyond organizational boundaries. A framework for analyzing the impact of the WFSAD approach on the management of information systems personnel is also presented.