The Joint Curriculum Task Force of ACM/AIS/DPMA produced Curriculum '95 for undergraduate programs in Information Systems. One of the innovations in the curriculum was a second course: Personal Productivity with IS Technology. Although the curriculum describes the course, it is new and thereforeis not well-defined in terms of instructional materials, assignments, etc. A workshop to discuss the new course is both timely and important to AIS members. The recommended course focuses on improving productivity of individual knowledge workers by assisting them to achieve effective and efficient management of their individual information management systems. The relationship between individual systems and corporate systems is that of "systems in the small" versus "systems in the large." Therefore, the course provides information useful to non-majors in managing their systems and to majors in learning to support users. The course offers an insightful overview of the entire system development process. The course is designed to achieve a balance between concepts and application of the concepts in practice. Technology concepts and characteristics are in order to focus students on long-term knowledge rather than transitory features. In this workshop we describe our implementation and experience with a similarcourse at the University of Minnesota. The course has now been presented to over 100 first-year MBA students. It is currently included in the MBA curriculum as an elective course for all MBA students and as a requirement for Management Information Systemsmajors. These experiences can be translated into pedagogy appropriate at the undergraduate level.