Cyberbullying was described as a complex phenomenon by the court and other legal practitioners involved in court cases. While previous research has significantly added to our understanding, there has been far less information systems research conducted in relation to the prevention and reduction strategies to combat cyberbullying. It is essential to focus on the primary entities of cyberbullying and technology usage to combat cyberbullying. Therein, we observed the salient entities of the 'victim,' 'offender,’ and their technology use regarding cyberbullying. The study aims to gain a better understanding of cyberbullying and identify strategies to minimize and prevent this growing societal problem. Our study findings show that it is crucial for victims to understand how to use digital tools, platforms, and social media responsibly. From the standpoint of the offender, they must comprehend their obligations as digital citizens and cyber-ethics to change their immoral actions to prevent deviant behaviours like cyberbullying.