Extensive literature has examined the influences of social media influencers (SMIs) on their followers, but less is known about why the followers are motivated to respond. It is urgent when new forms of SMIs such as finfluencers become prevalent. Finfluencers are SMIs who may or may not be professional but provide financial advice to their followers. Grounded on parasocial relationship (PSR) and self-determination theory (SDT), this research-in-progress paper aims at understanding the impact of PSR on followers’ need satisfaction and behavioural response toward the finfluencers and their financial suggestions. We have considered individual differences from the perspectives of finfluencers (i.e., influencer characteristics) and followers (i.e., causality orientations). The researchers will take a taxonomy development approach to explore the influencer characteristics and then take an experimental approach to test the roles of PSR and SDT in explaining the behavioural responses of the followers. Implications for practitioners, scholars and policymakers are discussed.