The role of governance is undervalued in e-business information system design and development. The transparency, integrity and ethical values are disregarded while articulating e-business artefacts in different organizations. E-Governance can affect e-business growth, including motivations for technology development, compromising the product and service qualities. Corruption, ineffective governance, political instability, flawed regulations, and violation of rules of law, unaccountability are linked attribute dimensions affecting the business alignments, including technology implementations. We need architecture to explore the role of governance indicators in e-business design strategies. The research aims to develop an Information System (IS) architecture with artefacts to connect the governance attribute dimensions with interpreted information management, organization strategies and e-business needs. Based on empirical research and governance attribute modelling done for several governments, we infer e-government and e-business objectives are connectable and accomplishable through successful implementation of IS framework in business environments through improved governance and transparency.