Data sources associated with Eating Disorder (ED) events are heterogeneous. They intensely influence the lives of millions of teenagers. The EDs can lead to obesity or vice versa and succumb to many linked chronic illnesses. We examine the existing research on Eating Disorder Inventory (EDI) to explore connectivity between multiple domains of the healthcare ecosystem. The present study identifies various attribute dimensions of "EDI – M", interpreted as "multidimensional", an egghead idiom to model and integrate with an integrated conceptual framework. The research aims to develop a Multidimensional Eating Disorder Inventory Information System (MEDIIS) to manage the EDI-M attributes, interpreted in various data sources and domains. We further evaluate the EDI metadata to explore the connectivity between multiple attributes dimensions of EDs. The phenomenon of eating-disorder attribute connectivity is established with overweight, obesity and diabetic conditions, articulating EDI-M applicability in the MEDIIS framework.