Managing prosumer businesses is challenging with different types of renewable and non-renewable energy resources. The development and implementation of energy systems pose additional challenges when prosumers pursue sustainable production while simultaneously trying to mitigate gas emissions and energy losses. Issues associated with energy emissions and supply shortfalls must be addressed before developing prosumer business information systems and reaping their benefits. Innovative IS (Information System) solutions are needed to align different energy systems and prosumer coalitions that require cautious implementations. The purpose of the research is to develop IS artefacts, strategizing energy systems, establishing essential logistics requirements for smart-grids to ensure sustainable energy supplies. A conceptual Prosumer Business-based Design Science Information System (PBDSIS) framework is developed, collaborating IS articulations of prosumer business data artefacts in ecologies, where energy production and distribution need crucial logistics support and implementation of IS artefacts. The framework is implemented in prosumer business domain using open-source data.