This study employed the Model of Technology Preference (MTP) to examine the relationships of variables as antecedents of behaviour intention to adopt Social Networking Site (SNS) for communication especially after considering preference factors. Self-administered questionnaires were distributed to working adults that leads to obtaining 523 valid responses. The data were analysed using Structural Equation Model (SEM) to measure model fit and to conduct structural modelling. Both measurement and structural model showed relatively good fitness indices. The results support the hypotheses that Perceived Enjoyment and Social Presence as Attribute Based Preference significantly affect Attitude Based Preference that also mediates that effect with Behaviour Intention of using SNS. Attitude Based Preference does not have significant effect on Attitude towards using SNS. Then Attitude Based Preference mediates the relationship between Perceived Enjoyment and Social Presence as Attribute Based Preference towards Behaviour Intention. Limitations of this study include the results are not generalizable and it involved only two medium of communication which are Face-to-face (FtF) and SNS. People engaging on SNS development should pay attention in providing SNS features that ensure enjoyment and social presence for communication.