As the key stakeholders in Global Software Development (GSD) projects are distributed across geographical locations, many GSD projects suffer from a communication barrier, which exists due to language-, cultural-, time zone (and possibly other) differences among key stakeholders. This barrier not only increases communication cost, it also decreases the efficiency and quality of stakeholder communication, adding extra risks to these projects, and decreasing the probability of success. So far, there is no simple solution to this problem. Using the Collaborative Networks paradigm, this paper introduces the concept of ‘Global Software Development Collaborative Network’ (GSD-CN) as a formal model to analyse communication cost and quality. The paper proposes a new entity (role) called Global Software Development Broker (GSDB). We argue and demonstrate in an example that the proposed GSDBs will (a) simplify the network structure, (b) decrease communication cost, and (c) improve communication quality – consequently increasing the probability of success of GSD projects.