The information technology skills competencies for accounting practitioners have become crucial for accounting process in current business environment. In response to this challenge, the identification of a new comprehensive set of information technology competencies combined with information technology skills and other skills (namely, professional skills or soft skills) are necessary. This study uses quantitative methods to identify the ranking and correlation of information technology competency dimensions from accounting practitioners in Malaysia. Findings indicate that 3 technical skills, i.e. spreadsheet software, accounting packages and advanced word processing were indicated as higher rankings among technical skills while prioritisation skills, negotiation skills and decision making-skills were recorded as top ranked for organisational skills, people skills and conceptual skills, respectively. Additionally, Pearson correlation coefficient was used to test relationship between skill dimensions. In this case, all relationships tested were significant and positive. The results provide insights on how accounting practitioners adopt skills required for the service and tasks that they are expected to fulfil in practice.