The importance of studying institutional view and theories in the context of contemporary business organisations have been emphasized by many researchers. However, the literature overlooked the institutional elements which are influencing technology implementation in organisations. This study aims to investigate the issues posed to ERP implementation through the lens of technology institutionalisation perspective by considering institutional theory, institutional pressures, and other organisational and technological factors. This research in progress paper describes the research framework for ERP institutionalisation that provides an integrative view of how ERP is implemented, assimilated, and institutionalised within the organisations. This framework brings together the effects of various well-defined IS theories into a unified and integrated structure. Moreover, this paper looks at a broad sample of current IS literature on ERP systems’ successes and failures over various stages of institutionalisation process. Based on the results of literature analysis, tackling an ERP institutionalisation, for any organisation, requires some introspection and true assessment of priorities, objectives and external business environment of the organisation.