Cloud computing is attracting attention in business world as well as in academic research. This interest is spreading fast to different areas of demand and supply side of cloud computing. However, the decision to move to a cloud is dicey and requires lot of attention in deinstitutionalising existing organisational technical infrastructure to facilitate implementation, assimilation, routinization, and institutionalisation of cloud services. At the core of this process is as much of emphasize on unlearning as it is on learning to use cloud services. The overall aim of this research is to facilitate this process by developing theoretical and practical support for business organisations to transfer to cloud paradigm. However, this paper describes the background and the research framework that drives this research to obtain the overall objectives. This paper highlights that the process of deinstitutionalisation and reinstitutionalisation is evolutionary and nonlinear and its success depends on a number of organisational, technical, environmental, social, cultural, and other institutional factors and their mutual interactions.