The issue of Business-IT Alignment has been a high-ranking topic in almost every survey of executives’ concerns since the inception of such surveys. However, despite extensive research, and numerous explanations and recommendations, it would appear that, the concern about Business-IT Alignment still remains, at least in the minds of executives. This position paper explores ideas regarding information and system, as an alternative to the behavioural and governance streams of inquiry which dominate Business-IT Alignment research. It argues that while progress in the alignment realm has been made in respect of favourable behavioural factors within and between Business and IT organisations, as well as governance of IT interventions, the concerns have persisted because, IT interventions continue to focus attention on closed application and computer systems whose ascribed purpose are the mode and medium of interaction respectively. This is at the expense of an information system – the means of interaction – which is open, ongoing and subsumes both of these systems.



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