Ontology has been widely used to represent many real world aspects and is prominently used as tool to facilitate shared understanding (and knowledge sharing) in a particular domain. Ensuring that such an ontology is relevant to a particular domain, however, remains a challenging task to the ontology developer. This paper introduces a framework that guides industry-relevant ontology development. The framework follows a typical ontology development cycle and details incremental steps that need to be taken to assure industry-relevance of the ontology. To provide a thorough discussion of the framework, we utilise a previously completed ontology development project that followed the developed framework. The project was specifically aimed at developing an industry-relevant ontology for the compliance management domain and was based on three main inputs, namely, scholarly articles, industry expert/practitioner input and industry reports. Our experience indicates that the application of the developed framework promotes ontology development that utilises industry and academic inputs to assure the developed ontology is relevant to its domain.


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