Credit largely to advances in Information Technology (IT), B2B exchanges has risen to economic prominence in recent times. Generally, these exchanges (referred to herein as Multi-Sided Digital Platforms) operate to facilitate products and services exchange between two or more groups of users through a network. Yet, we find little discourse around (1) how are Multi-Sided Digital Platforms (MSDPs) developed and (2) how are MSDPs leveraged for service value. To address this knowledge gap, we enact how a popular MSDP in China—ABC.com (pseudonym)―enables service value through standardization of processes and systems, and integration of its organizational units. Our inquiry focuses on ABC.com’s strategies, the nature of its development using shared services logic, and the consequences. A process model, constructed from case data and corroborated by literature, proposes that MSDP development consists of three phases that facilitate value provision, value exchange and value co-creation.



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