As organisations strive to improve their capabilities in the areas of Service Management and Service-oriented Architectures (SOA), SOA Governance is becoming an increasingly important success factor. However, the concept of SOA Governance is complex and not well-understood, and the adoption of an adequate SOA Governance approach in an organisation can be difficult. Tools that support SOA Governance mostly have a technical bias and rarely address organisational aspects. In this paper, we contribute to the field by specifying a conceptual meta model for SOA Governance that integrates the structure of major IT and SOA Governance frameworks into one consolidated view. By presenting this conceptualisation and a corresponding prototypical implementation of a tool that supports SOA Governance maturity assessment, reference framework exploration and company-specific tailoring of SOA Governance, we provide insights into the first step of a Design Science research project, i.e. the development of an important IT artefact.