E-marketplace platforms can be used to improve upon the procurement performance in an organization and offer key benefits such as reduced purchasing costs, better information, and better collaboration. While there are various studies discuss the benefits or value contributions that organisations can obtain from e-marketplaces, many organisations are reluctant to participate in e-marketplaces due to the mismatch between the value expected and the actual value experienced by organisations from e-marketplaces. Employing an in-depth case study approach, this study systematically identifies the value contributions of e-marketplaces used by the case organisation at the various stages of the procurement process for purchasing indirect goods. Our study findings demonstrate that e-marketplaces value contributions can be experienced by organisations in various stages of the procurement process, while each value can be experienced in multiple stages and each stage can experience multiple values. This study offers additional insights for both practitioners and researchers into the importance of e-marketplaces in supporting the procurement process and the values that can be expected at different stages of the procurement process.