Modern businesses face increased levels of competitive pressure, a turbulent business environment, and there is ongoing debate as to whether IT can continue to create competitive advantage in the modern era. The study described in this paper is work-in-progress towards a PhD. The primary aim of the research is to examine the relationship between Information Systems Strategic Planning (ISSP) and Enterprise Architectural Practice (EAP) ,in New Zealand (NZ) enterprises, from both theoretical and empirical points of view, and, if there is significant overlap, explore the feasibility of combining the two activities into a single, coherent process. These issues had not previously been investigated, and the outcomes are believed to be new knowledge. This paper describes the latest research phase: combining ISSP and EAP methods to create a DIY IS strategic planning methodology for small or medium enterprises (SMEs). As SMEs constitute an important sector of most modern economies, this is a potentially significant outcome for small business management and IS practice.