This paper uses a case study of a single firm to assess the completeness of three CIO typologies, and the validity of two models of factors affecting CIO effectiveness. With respect to the typologies, our conclusions are that all three typologies were also useful for understanding the role of the CIO at PaperlinX. However, Broadbent and Kitzis’ (2005) binary trusted senior executive leader versus chief technology mechanic classification appears too coarse-grained, with Leider and Mackay’s (2005) typology being more descriptive of the CIO role at PaperlinX. With respect to the two models of CIO effectiveness, our conclusions are that all factors in both models were applicable and important in the case study. The one suggestion we have here is that the Broadbent and Kitzis claim that their model is only applicable for trusted senior executive leader may be too restrictive; it appears to have broader applicability.