Radio Frequency Identification also known as RFID technology has been commercially available since World War II. Early applications of RFID were for military purposes. In recent years, interest has turned toward supply chain management, such as monitoring and tracking business process. Many global companies have already invested in RFID business solutions. New Zealand has a number of successful pilots. However, it is not clear how New Zealand industry leaders perceive RFID solutions, particularly since the recent negative publicity about RFID in the media. This research explores the current status of RFID adoption among industry representatives in New Zealand using innovation theory to classifying respondents as innovators; early adopters; early majorities; and late majorities to try to provide insight into the role of innovation advocacy groups such as RFID Pathfinder. Moore’s innovation theory has been used to categorise the innovativeness of New Zealand industry groups. By implication, Moore’s theory is a good tool for technology advocates such as the NZ RFID Pathfinder Group to analyse the current status of adoption of technology in their environment and plan accordingly.