Business Process Management (BPM) is the term used to encapsulate a process-driven approach to attaining enterprise operational efficiency. Many recent business reports justify that process is perennial and as of recent years there is a significant increase in the demand for graduates with expertise in process modelling and management. Nevertheless, these topic areas are still a relatively novel concept in many university curricula. This paper provides a foundation to educators (both at tertiary and professional levels) who are keen to integrate BPM education into their education/ training offerings. It presents a systematic way on how ‘teachable’ content has been identified in BPM, a rapidly evolving disciplinary domain, where few course offerings have existed in the past. A comprehensive content analysis of 300 online job vacancies advertised globally across the most prominent online recruitment sites was used as a systematic classification technique. A carefully formulated focus group representing potential BPM recruiters was conducted to further validate and contextualise the findings of the global job analysis. A detailed sample syllabus of a business process modelling unit is presented as an example in the paper. While this syllabus can be adopted by other tertiary institutions planning to deploy BPM curricula within their offerings, the applied methodology for identifying suitable content for novel disciplinary areas can be adapted by all educators in general.