Developing process orientation skills is now essential for the effective workplace performance of business graduates. This paper reports on one ongoing curriculum development project that extended the deployment of SAP, an enterprise system software solution, into two discipline-based courses offered by different disciplines – human resources and accounting – within a broad undergraduate business curriculum, and analyses the pedagogical effectiveness of the project. Employing a questionnaire survey and self-assessment of the knowledge and skills gained, this paper reports on the effectiveness of the curriculum design and delivery. This study demonstrates the powerful role played by the enterprise system software in developing conceptual understanding of process focus and integration, and the effect of enterprise systems on work environment to business student. Even though it is difficult to impart process orientation to students just with the help of ES software solution, this study asserts that it is possible to create and improve understanding of the concepts of process and integration, and the effect of ES on work environment with the deployment of ES software into business curriculum..