There is little doubt that the emergence of the Internet and World Wide Web has had a strong influence on marketing (Goldsmith, 1999). Through the interactive Web medium, relationship marketing and personalisation can be achieved relatively easily compared to traditional forms of media ( Goldsmith, 1999). In order to assist business to make the move online and to enable them to realise the benefits that the Internet and Web have to offer, Government’s around the globe are providing both education and support, in the form of government policy and financial support programs. However, the success of government funded programs depends largely on business uptake of such programs and their ability to leverage on the benefits stemming from the assistance provided . This paper presents the results of a recent study of the level of uptake of the web as a marketing tool by businesses in the Regional Tourism Industry sector in Australia. The results of the study show that this industry sector is at a relatively advanced stage of adoption of Web Marketing, indicating that to date, Government programs aimed at this industry sector have been successful in getting businesses online.