Ubiquitous information systems (UBIS) adapt current Information System thinking to explicitly differentiate technology between hardware devices and software components in relation to people and process. More recent ubiquitous computing approaches provide the means to link Web content and services to a number of mobile devices (evolving from earlier Palm Computers to more recent smart phones and ambient screens), adapting information to provide mobile business solutions. In general, these approaches focus on providing the means to improve specific information access and transcoding but not on how the information can be discovered and accessed on-the-fly. This paper explores how a number of investment banking systems can be re-used to provide the invisibility of pervasive access and uncover more effective architectural models for strategies of this type. A proof-of-concept intelligent middleware Web service is built to further test and explore how human-devices-application connections can be made sporadically and not limited to pre-configured access to specific applications and data.