Web 2.0 provides a set of tenets that describe both a business model and a technical strategy for organizations that wish to provide a flexible user interface via the Web. Many of these tenets contradict what has become common practice in the industry. However, as the use of the Web as a development platform increases, academics need to be aware of this newly emerging methodology. This paper briefly describes Web 2.0, and our experience with its principles and practices within a web-based system for curricular assessment. Specifically, this paper provides a case-study of our work on an assessment tool for higher education that started out as a traditional systems development project, and quickly evolved into a Web 2.0 project. We have two goals in this paper. Our primary purpose is to inform the reader about Web 2.0, additionally, we illustrate how Web 2.0 was successfully adopted in our project. Our aim is that others might be equally motivated by what Web 2.0 has to offer.