Business Intelligence (BI) applications, including customer relationship management systems, decision support systems, analytical processing systems, and data mining systems, have captured the attention of practitioners and researchers for the last few years. Health care organizations, which are data driven and in which quality and integration of data is of paramount importance, have adopted BI applications to help and assist healthcare managers in improving the quality of the information input to the decision process. Based on preliminary data collection results, it is found that high quality data is essential to successful BI performance and that technological support for data acquisition, analysis and deployment are not widespread. Yet, business organizations are not investing in improving data quality and data integration. In this paper the authors propose a framework for evaluating the quality and integration of patient’s data for BI applications in healthcare organizations. In doing so, a range of potential benefits is highlighted. Even though this framework is in an early stage of development, it intends to present existing solutions for evaluating the above issues. The authors conclude that further research needs to be carried out to refine this framework, through model testing and case studies evaluation.