This paper presents a repository for the product design of investment advice in wealth management using an ontology-based knowledge representation and service marketing methods; the repository is exemplified through a prototype implemented in Protégé. The aims of the repository are: (1) to support the specification of investment advisory services as knowledge products based on service modules, (2) to enable a solution-oriented product strategy serving behavioral customer segments and to facilitate external communications about service characteristics, (3) to foster a common ground for the internal communication between marketing experts and investment advisors, and for this purpose (4) to provide a visual representation of investment advisory services with service blueprints for a collaborative product specification. The specification of investment advice uses service modules, which combine investment process and advisory process for representing both the financial know-how and the interaction between customer and advisor. Consequently marketers can model and analyze the core features of investment advice. The repository supports the success factors for the service to be designed, being a differentiated product, the overall quality of the service, product fit, internal marketing and the use of technology. Recognizing investment advice as a knowledge product permits the transformation of advisory support systems into a shared knowledge base.